Every day I am not painting, is a lost day.

Reflections, oil on canvas, 91 x 101

Dalva Duarte left Brazil in 1973, lived mainly in France, but also in Portugal, Italy and Spain. She moved to the United States in 1982 but always kept one foot in France where she now lives with her family and has been working since 2000, in the South, the department of Ardèche. She renovated an old silk mill where she has a large studio and exhibition space, and gathers around her musicians and artists from different countries. She exhibited all over the world and received important awards as the Grand Prix de Rouen and the Prix Morietti in the United States.

Dalva Duarte developed a large and unique oeuvre. In her specific relation to “the masters“, one of her main interests is regaining a culturally lost sensuality by using the masters’ technique of “exact“ drawing and composition, but also in provoking a clash of reality with the European tradition in her choice of subjects, putting coloured people into classical “framing“ or criticizing a perverted ideal of (white) female representation. Typical for her is a certain abeyance or suspense (German: “Schwebe“) of inner and outer reality, a personal transformation of cubism as transformed symbolism into psychological expression, her reflection of photorealistic elements, the use of cuts, layers and multiplied frames to encode deep human experiences of pain, manipulation and passion, ambivalent feelings usually unspoken or hidden. Nevertheless, besides her empathy, the artist shows a great sense of humour.