Are you judging me?, oil on canvas, 157 x 360 cm

Dalva has exhibited her work widely: Grand Palais in Paris, Art Miami, Museum of Coral Springs in Florida, Musée de Luxembourg, Musée de Rouen, galeries in the United States, France Brazil, England and Germany.

Prizes and Honors

1979, ‘80 Grand Prix, Le Salon de Rouen, Musée des Beaux Arts, Rouen, France
1981, ‘82 Grand Prize for “Arts Plastiques”, Les Andelys, France
1996 – 2000 Member of the Board of Public Art and Design, Fort Lauderdale, USA
2004 Moretti Award, The Cultural Foundation, Florida, USA

Museum Exhibitions

1979, ’81 Musée de Luxembourg, Salon des Indépendents
1979, ’80 Musée de Rouen, Salon de Rouen, France
1981 Musée Nicolas Poussin, Les Andelys, France
1982 Galeria A. Fundação, Culturel da Brasilia, Brazil
1990 Museum of East Martello, Key West, Florida, USA
1992 Grand Palais, Salon de la Peinture à L’eau, Paris, France
1992 Invité d’Honneur au Salon d’Arts Plastique, Saint Martin de Sees, France
1992 Art Expo, Miami, Florida, USA
1993 Grand Palais, Salon des Femmes Peintre, Paris, France
1995 Musée d’Abbaye de Sees, France
1995 Musée de l’Hotel de Ville, Rambouillet, France
1998 Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
2001 Museum of Coral Springs, Florida, USA
2002 Art Futura, Brasilia, Brasil
2003 Art Expo, Miami, Florida, USA
2013 Musée du Chateau de Tournon, France (Musée de France)
2013 Nordart International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
2014 Nordart International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshutte,Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
2015 Nordart International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshutte,Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
2016 Nordart International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshutte,Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Gallery Exhibitions

1977, ‘79, ‘81 Galerie R. Tuffier, Les Andelys, France
‘83, ‘89, ‘92-‘93, ‘98
1982, ’85,’87, ‘89 Galerie Albert 1er , Antibes, France
1989, ’90, ‘96’, 2000 Gallery La Jolla, California, USA
1988, ’89 Jack Mayer Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA
1990 Sara Denison Gallery, Palm Beach, USA
1992 Ergane Gallery, New York, NY, USA
1992 Galerie du Crédit Agricole d’Evreux, France
1993 Galerie Christian Dazir, Dijon, France
1993 Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, USA
1996 Gallerie Etienne de Causans, Paris, France
1997 John Hart Gallery, London, England
1999, ‘03, ‘05 Galleria la Columba Arte, Latina, Italy
2011 Cloitre des Billettes, Paris, France
2007 – 14 Moulinage des Crozes Gallery, France


2002 – 2011 24 Caprices of Paganini, an installation of oil and acrylic on canvas
measuring 90 meters by 4 meters on both sides of the canvas